Addiction Is a Disease with Human and Monetary Costs.

Together, we can help young people avoid the delinquency, violence, and criminal activity that stems from substance abuse.

Working to Make a Difference in Saratoga Communities

Addiction is a disease with huge human and monetary costs in every aspect of our society. But it is also a preventable and treatable disease. Preventing young people from substance abuse at an early age pays huge dividends on many fronts, including avoiding delinquency, violence, and the criminal justice system.

The Prevention Council has worked for more than 30 years to give young people the skills to choose healthy behaviors, provide families with the tools to foster positive child development, help communities build family-friendly environments, and help schools build supportive climates for students.

We are a nonprofit, community-based organization working to prevent alcohol, drug, and other substance abuse throughout Saratoga County

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