Prevention Education that Helps Saratoga County’s Youth Navigate Life’s Challenges!

We Help Saratoga County’s Youth Navigate Life’s Challenges!

Prevention Council staff member delivering prevention education to a group of Saratoga area students.The Prevention Council educators deliver Evidence Based Prevention Education and Programming throughout Saratoga County. Our educators work within 13 school districts; approximately 4,500 K-12th students are served. If your school district is interested in any of our prevention programs, please contact the appropriate staff liaison.

Graphic quote testimonial from 5th grade parent about prevention education from The Prevention Council of Saratoga.The school programs offered by The Prevention Council cover the prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as bullying and violence prevention, internet safety and conflict resolution. All school programs focus on building skills in order to achieve social, emotional, and academic success. Courses are taught by trained staff who work closely with each school district to meet student and scheduling needs, while also meeting New York State learning standards.

If your district is interested in any of the following prevention education programs, please use the information in the sidebar to contact the appropriate staff liaison.


An Apple-A-Day is a six lesson literacy program for children K-4th grade that focuses on building self esteem, developing healthy habits, and making positive choices. This Nationally Recognized Evidence-Based program through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) utilizes age appropriate trade books to encourage reading, writing and critical thinking skills to improve academic achievement.

Classroom of kids holding up plates showing emotions as part of Protecting Me, Protecting You prevention education program.Protecting You, Protecting Me

Protecting You, Protecting Me is a MADD nationally recognized, research-based program by SAMHSA providing a series of lessons to teach children to protect themselves and make good decisions. The lessons reinforce vehicle safety skills, such as, the importance of seat belts, and non-distracted drivers. This program emphasizes the importance of healthy brain development, promotes social interactions, and teaches students to manage their emotions.

Too Good for Drugs-Elementary School

Graphic of prevention education testimonial from student:

The Prevention Council utilizes this evidence-based model program, recently updated, by the Mendez Foundation for the fourth and fifth grades. This program builds skills of goal setting, effective communication, decision making, media literacy and peer resistance skills. Students are taught appropriate information in conjunction with the consequences of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use. This knowledge helps them to make an informed, individual choice to be drug free.

Too Good for Drugs-Middle School

Graphic quote of prevention education teacher testimonial:

The Prevention Council utilizes this evidence-based model program, recently updated, by the Mendez Foundation to empower teens to meet the challenges of middle school by addressing more complex emotions and situations . Lessons build on the skills introduced in earlier grades to foster confidence and self efficacy and resistance to substance abuse through goal setting and achievement, responsible decision making, positive conflict resolution, and healthy relationships.

Too Good for Violence- Elementary School

This violence prevention, character education model program, focuses on resolving conflicts, mediating disputes, managing emotions and defusing anger. Students practice effective communication skills and learn to respect themselves and others. A bully prevention component is part of the curriculum, along with reducing bias and stereotyping.

Too Good for Violence- Student raising his hand to ask question during Saratoga Prevention Council prevention education program.Social Perspectives Middle School

This updated model program reviews a series of skills to prepare children to make healthy choices, and resist unhealthy behaviors in life; including but not limited to bullying, fighting and over aggressive behaviors. The program is designed to reduce risk and increase protective factors related to violence in the middle school. In the completion of the program students will be more likely to develop standards and norms of non-use, leading to reduced drug use, and fewer incidents of violence.

WAVE (Working Against Violence Everywhere)

The WAVE program is administered by trained peer leaders from the middle and high schools to teach the concepts of tolerance, conflict resolution, anger management, and problem solving to younger peers at the elementary, or middle school level. The program is taught via multiple classroom presentations, dependent on the age group, including a two-day training for the peer leaders.

For more information about Prevention Council’s School Programs please contact Patty Kilgore 518.581.1230 x3628

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Prevention Education Staff Contact Information

Patty Kilgore, Director of School-Based Services
(518) 581-1230 ext. 3628

Amalia Currier, Prevention Specialist
(518) 581-1230 ext. 3627

Sheila Vanacore, Prevention Specialist
(518) 581-1230 ext. 3617

Erin Webster, Prevention Specialist
(518) 581-1230 ext. 3620

Trish Wildermuth, Prevention Specialist
(518) 581-1230 ext. 3613