Seen on: WRGB Channel 6

Thursday, September 5, 2019

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, recovery and treatment centers all over the country have had to change the way they serve their communities.

“Zoom was the noise a car made when it went down the road,” Lillian McCarthy joked with us. She works as the Assosciate Director of the Prevention Council and Healing Springs in Saratoga Springs.

Now, zoom and other services like it are a part of her staff’s daily routine. McCarthy says she’s proud of how her team reacted to the changes, implementing a full schedule of meetings, counseling sessions and programs in just a few days.

Like everyone in the recovery community, McCarthy recognizes this is a difficult time. “This is a population that is in crisis right now especially with one of the largest pieces of addiction being isolation,” she said. Despite the difficulties, McCarthy says the phones are still ringing and they are always there to help.