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Whether You Donate, Volunteer, or Join Our Staff, Your Contributions Will Make a Difference in the Lives of Saratoga’s Youth

Dear Friends,

As the above photos show so well, through team work we can achieve much more than trying to do it alone! And in working together, we can enjoy the process as well as the outcome. From prevention education in our schools, to Narcan trainings held throughout the county, The Prevention Council is working to reduce the harm of addiction. We have learned that joining with others is crucial to breaking through the stigma and isolation. Every day we work with individuals, families and communities to change perception of the disease and those affected by it. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with parenting information, and learn of local events and emerging resources. Thank you for joining us in promoting health in Saratoga County.

Programs and initiatives we have delivered include:

  • Victim Impact Panels for 877 DWI and DWAI offenders in collaboration with Saratoga County Youth Bureau and District Attorney’s Office.
  • In-school Student Assistance Counseling and general counseling for 350 students seeking mental health support services.
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Education Course and Risk and Responsibility Classes reached 90 participants between the ages 15-21.
  • TIPS responsible beverage training for 5 retail establishments.
  • 48 people attended Bridges Out of Poverty to learn about the economic environment of poverty and how to assist individuals to move out of the poverty environment.
  • Cool Out of School summer youth program provided to 636 youth.
  • Problem Gambling outreach to 550 people with billboard impressions reaching over 1000 people.

As always your support and willingness to get involved helps us continue to provide high-quality outreach, collaboration and hands-on services to youth, families, schools, and community organizations throughout Saratoga County Years.

Here are ways you can get involved and help us deliver quality programming:

Again, thank you for helping to make everything we do possible. We hope you continue to find new ways to get involved as we continue to build a strong and dynamic future for The Prevention Council and the Saratoga Region community.

Prevention Works!

Janine Stuchin
Executive Director

One way to get involved with The Prevention Council? Donate to support prevention education.

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