I would like to thank Mr. Lehman for writing the article “Medication collection box installed at Glens Falls Police station.” Our coalition would like to point out the primary reason these boxes are so important. Drug abuse often begins when kids have easy access to medications, which is another reason why medications should be locked up or disposed of immediately.

The Community Coalition for Family Wellness in South Glens Falls was formed in 2010 in response to concerns about teen deaths in the South Glens Falls community. Our coalition has secured grant funding to reduce substance use in the community. Most recently, we won a grant to combat the heroin epidemic.

One of the initiatives our coalition will be starting includes the distribution of free Deterra in South Glens Falls. Deterra is a safe, at-home drug destruction kit. Additionally, we are partnering with Project Safe Point to provide Narcan trainings in the community which can save lives by reversing an opioid overdose. We are offering these trainings every two weeks and in three months, more than 70 people were trained to recognize the symptoms of a heroin/opiate overdose and safely use Narcan to save a life. We will be providing education and information to the community about the dangers of improper opioid use and how it can lead to heroin use. Our grant will also provide funding for increased training for local law enforcement on recognizing drugged driving.

We appreciate your help in educating the community about these important issues. Community members who want to be involved in the Community Coalition for Family Wellness, can contact us by calling 581-1230 ext. 3615.

Jennifer Oliver-Goodwin, Community Coalition for Family Wellness, South Glens Falls