Greenfield offering ‘Right Under Your Nose’ and Narcan training class

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Tuesdeay, July 7, 2023

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GREENFIELD, N.Y. — The town of Greenfield is hosting two free training classes on May 15 at 6 p.m. at the Community Center, located at 25 Wilton Road.

The first class, presented by the Prevention Council, is called “Right Under Your Nose,” and the second, presented by Greenfield Ambulance, is a Narcan training.

The “Right Under Your Nose” program provides a “nuts and bolts” demonstration of how a parent can recognize signs of current drug culture and trends. Participants will walk through a mock teen bedroom and try to identify signs of drug or alcohol use or drug culture.

Patty Kilgore, Director of School-Based Services at the Prevention Council of Saratoga County, explained in a news release that “a couple of minutes is about how long a parent may have in a teen’s room, such as when dropping off laundry or doing something similar. In this limited time, a parent might not notice what might be right under their nose.

“It is enough time, though, if a parent is educated on what they are looking for. The program exposes many trending hiding spots a teenager uses, shows parents how to recognize drug culture, particularly with clothing and other pop culture items, and most importantly, how to start an open dialogue with teens about this issue.”

Following “Right Under Your Nose,” Greenfield Ambulance will share a 15-minute training on how to recognize an opioid overdose and how to use a Narcan rescue kit. Free Narcan rescue kits will be distributed. The kits contain the nasal spray Naloxone, which can be administered to reverse the effects of an opioid.

“Teenage minds are very much still in development of their critical thinking skills,” Kilgore said in the release. “When they are exposed to drugs or alcohol at a young age, the addiction rates skyrocket. Parents need to be realistic that even if their child is not experimenting, they have friends and acquaintances who are.

“This program gives parents the information they need to open the lines of communication with their teens about these important issues.”

The programs will be offered first come first served to a maximum of 75 people (adults only). You can register in advance by calling 518-893-7432 ext. 307. The programs are open to all, including non-residents of Greenfield

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