Seen on: WRBG Channel 6

Saturday, May 13th 2023

‘Right Under Your Nose’ helps parents catch up to substance use trends
by Chester Davis

Participants in a “Right Under Your Nose” event try to spot locations where teens might hide illicit substances. (WRGB)
“If you don’t know what’s right under your nose, you can’t help them.”

That’s where Patty Kilgore’s expertise comes into play. The director of school based services for The Prevention Council, Kilgore helps parents learn the new tricks teenagers are using to hide substances and the shocking access. Parents walked thru a staged teenage bedroom inside the Clifton Park Halfmoon Library for the Twin Bridges Rotary Club as part of the ‘Right Under Your Nose’ program. Participants were stunned by what they found and couldn’t find.

“They had said there was probably about like 50 or 60 things in there, I was able to spot about 6,” said Khooshbu Bassi, Twin Bridges Rotary President. “So, I would say quite horribly.”
While it may be impossible to know everything, it is possible to know the signs that your child may be using. It’s also important to have an open line of communication.

“The only way you can make a difference with your kids is to be able to talk to them about what your values are,” Kilgore said. “What your expectations are and what alcohol and other drugs can do to them.”

If you want to test your nose, The Prevention Council will share its next event on its Facebook page.