Suicide & Mental Health

The Facts on Suicide and Mental Health in America

Suicide does not discriminate. People of all genders, ages, and ethnicities are at risk for suicide. But people most at risk tend to share certain characteristics. The main risk factors for suicide are depression, other mental disorders, or substance abuse disorder. Research on mental health show that mental disorders are common,affecting tens of millions of people each year, and that, overall, only about half of those affected receive treatment.

The facts:
  • Children identified by their parents as having mental health issues show more than double the rate of problematic and dangerous behaviors—including alcohol and drug abuse, suspension from school, and suicide attempts (National Children’s Mental Health Report Card)
  • 30,000 Americans die by suicide each year; an additional 500,000 Americans attempt suicide annually (Mental Health America)
  • Substance abuse and addiction are associated with an increased risk of suicide. More than one in three people who die from suicide are intoxicated, most commonly with alcohol or opiates (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

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